Friday, 6 June 2014

2nd Pregnancy Differences

1. Ask for help instead of demanding and becoming resentful.
Men are not very switched on when it comes to realising you need help. Long gone are the days of the knight in shining armour rescuing the damsel in distress. At least thats been my experience in life.

2. Send them to kindy earlier

It took me until Brooklyn was 18 months to send her, even though i desperately needed it at about 6 months. I found separation from my mum very difficult and knowing what Brooklyn was like, i thought i was protecting her from the same thing.

3. Do anything and everything to ensure im as relaxed as possible during labour.
I had been dreading childbirth so much from the age of 16, that i had planned to adopt. Lol. Once i got pregnant, i hoped i would be 'lucky' enough to need to have a ceasar like my mum had all of us. I had scoliosis as a teen and had ended up having rods surgically attached to my spine. So another operation seemed like a much better idea than having to experience the unknown. When labour finally started, i think i was shocked that it was even more horrible than i had ever expected. Lol. So this time, i have oils, hypno, heat packs, you name it.

4. Do what feels right for me and not be pressured by others.
My mother in law couldnt breastfeed so her and my husband were adamant that i needed to. I was in excruciating pain from the word go but kept trying for their benefit only. As soon as she went home, i told my husband that i was done with breastfeeding. I honestly think the amount of pressure put on women these days to breastfeed, is ridiculous. Many women cant breastfeed and their kids turn out just as good as any. Those who cant, are made to feel bad about it, from what ive heard from other mums.

5. Let baby cry sometimes or at least comfort her without picking her up. Brooklyn is almost 3 and im now 12 weeks pregnant. She is what is called, a high needs child. She hated being put down, was colicky, constipated, has big emotions over little things, is always on the move, always talking, demanding, bossy, is hard to calm, etc. you get the picture. Because she was like that, we started out having to attend to her ALOT as a newborn. Once she got to 6 months, we were too afraid to not do everything she wanted. As a result of that, she is still being carried to sleep every night and alot during the day. We are now having to try to get her out of this because we pandered to her too much i believe.

Comment below about what you learnt from your pregnancies?

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