Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Most Important Thing

Ive never really had a set religion in my life. However, i still felt that urge to have something which would give meaning to my life. Something to help me to make sense of it all. Something to act as a sort of moral compass in my life. So i decided to set off on a journey, to discover just where my nirvana might exist. My path was one of books. My mind was my only companion. I met many promising gurus along the way but none seemed quite the right fit. After years of travelling, i finally made it to the lost city of LOA.

LOA was a beautiful place where everyone lived from Love Or Above. A place of Unlimited Abundance. A place where knowledge came from deep inside each persons heart. Everywhere i went in LOA people were doing what they were born to do, the thing that made their heart sing. The citizens of LOA lived in harmony with nature and because of this, nature thrived around them. Walking was the mode of transport and all food came from nature. Because of this, sickness and disease were non extent. Crime had never been a problem because everyone knew they were all connected and came from the one energy source. Therefore anything done to others, was done to all. Money had no use there because generousity was the preferred currency. Every person had an equal say in matters that concerned the city.

I knew i had finally found where i belonged so i asked the people what an outsider had to do to be granted residence there. They told me that all i had to do was be willing to release everything negative from the past, including beliefs which werent serving me well. Next i had to live my life from a place of love and finally i had to always follow my heart wisdom. I knew i could do what they had asked of me. I knew i was ready to start a new chapter of my life. I knew i was finally home.

LOA Basics

Step 1:     Release  resistance (
Step 2:     Create a visual picture of what you really want

Step 3:     Add positive emotion
Step 4:     Let it go and live from a place of love and grattitude for everything
Step 5:     Take inspired action

Releasing Resistance
What bothered you about the negative event, precisely? What is it that you’re focusing on that doesn’t feel good. This will have NOTHING to do with this event. It’s always and only about you. You sit with the anger and a memory surfaces, one that feels exactly the same as what just happened to you. You continue to sit with this feeling and the memory, and as you do, another memory surfaces. You came to the conclusion that if you had only been “better” somehow, it wouldnt have happened. Now you’re getting the whole picture. You’re not really mad at this event. You’re still dealing with an old decision you made about yourself, that you are not good enough, and that this is mirrored back to you (proven to you) by others. Of course, this belief will manifest this proof over and over again. But, is your belief really true? Of course not.
I believe that living from love or above and releasing any resistance, is the solution to all of lifes problems. When you live from your higher self,  you take care of your body, you love yourself inside and out, you know your true purpose, your life and finances are abundant, your relationships flourish, you live your core values, your emotional issues are lifted, etc. Instead of trying to micro manage every aspect of your life, you can lift your entire life by simply following these programs. 

Comment below about the ways resistance shows up in your life. 

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