Friday, 5 September 2014

3 Year Old Logic

I like Pumpkin Ninnes for the babies name because she started out as a melon

I dont need you because i already have a friend (toy) so you can just watch (for a change. Woo hoo!)

You ok dad? You shouldnt drink so much beer. Silly dad. 

I want something amy!
What Brooklyn?
Oh im just drawing daddy and he's saying that to you. 

We went to a birthday party today with a jumping castle. She wanted to be carried around most of the time, would only go on the bouncy castle with us, wanted to play in the backyard away from where everyone was. She wanted to go for a bush walk (carry) around the yard. Shes often like this. 

I tell her that i dont have lots of energy like her so she says she will give some of hers to me. 

She went to the toilet but needed help
Dad:just come here
B:I cant come out here with the toilet

Im just giving some chips to my friends. (Spreads chips on the floor in front of her toys)

Oh! Dad! Your sleeve is touching your sore. Its getting blood on it. I just need to roll your sleeve up a bit ok? (Rolls up dads sleeve)

Its like a skateboard ramp (playing with the fold of skin between my thumb and finger)

(Writing her own shopping list) cakes, food, bedge a bulls (vegetables)

Dad dont say swear words. You just need to try to be a good boy from now on ok?

Im not impressed mum!


Are you watching where you are driving mum?

But i can see your head looking down

I want some circle chips dad? 
What does she mean by circle chips?
Um she probably means burger rings. 

She heard the babys heart beat and was excited because it sounded like horses galloping. 

Im not a madam. Im a boy horsey of course. 

I couldnt get to sleep because the trees were making to much noise. They were trying to talk to me and tell me they like me. Im just going to go lay with the trees and have a little nap. Can i have a pillow? Im just going to go by myself ok. (She also hugs and kisses trees and waves to them)

 (Crying) I dont want you to be an old granny one day because then you wont be my mum anymore

I just dont want daddy to die or get eaten by sharks or hang upside down or go to a new house

The baby needs to be a boy because daddy is the only boy in the whole world and he needs a boyfriend

Stop now. Alcohol boy. (Trying to get her dad to play with her instead of beer and xbox)

I be back in a minute to save you mum or did you save yourself?

What makes mummy happy?-when i do wees on the potty

What makes mummy sad?-when daddy chops down trees

How old is mum?-3 and a half (i wish)

Mums best at?-running (lol)

Mums favourite food?-lettuce (lol)

Cartoon character like mum?-manny from Ice Age (thanks bub)

What dad says alot?-batman!

How old is daddy?-2 (thats how it feels at least lol)

Daddys favourite food?-junk food

What makes you happy?-tickles

What will you be when you grow up?-a vet. Please mum? I want a big pink truck and do plumb work with daddy and play in the poo all day (plumber)

Your favourite people?-my family, all the trees and animals and my soowee (rug)

My tummy says its hungry and it says it needs fairy bread

Why is our little green arrow booping? (Car indicator)

Bob the builders short. Like you mummy

This horse is burny pink (hot pink)

If i have ice cream, then i will feel better. Thats my deal

Whats the mans name? I will try to keep his name in my head while im sleeping. I will remember it soonly. 

I can hear the trees singing a song to me with the wind. 

Look mum its like a snorkel. (Spaghetti hanging out of her nose)

Hopes For My Children:
I hope you love-nature
I hope you become-an inspiration for positive change in the world
I hope you dont-lose your way
I hope you arent afraid to-follow your heart
I hope you laugh-everyday
I hope you never forget-the things that truly matter
I hope you respect-those deserving of it
I hope you get to-find true love
I hope you always-have fun, peace and love in your life

Comment below about funny things your kids say.

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