Thursday, 11 September 2014

Earthkeepers ABCs

A is for animals (reverence)

B is for body (appreciation)

C is for creativity

D is for divinity (everything including us, is holy)

E is for ethical (lifestyle)

F is for follow your heart

G is for growth (of self)

H is for history (reverence for our ancestors and learning from their stories)

I is for inner child

J is for justice (stand up for others)

K is for kindness

L is for life (get out and live, appreciate it)

M is for mindfulness (live mindfully and consciously)

N is for nature (appreciation, spend time)

O is for others (love one another)

P is for peace

Q is for quiet (meditate, listen to the earth)

R is for respect (for self and every other being)

S is for stones (even they hold wisdom if you learn how to hear it)

T is for trees (reverence)

U is for universe (reverence for the moon, stars, sun, etc)

V is for values (live by your highest values)

W is for wisdom (learn all you can to live wisely in the world)

X is for exercise (movement can become a sacred act)

Y is for you (world change starts here)

Z is for zelous (dedication to living the Earthkeeper way)

Comment below about the ways you incorporate the Earthkeeper alphabet into your day or those you need to work on. 

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