Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Happy Birthday Cloe

Today is my darling little cavalier king charles spaniel Cloe's 10th birthday. Ive never really bothered doing anything much for her birthday, so this year i decided to thank her for all her years of devoted companionship. She has helped me get through some pretty tough times, as did my gorgeous red heeler Toby. 

Toby passed away years ago but i will never forget how much she helped me to get through my first big break up, with our long bush walks together. I always regret not being there when she passed away at just 7 years old. Then Cloe came along and helped me to get through a difficult year of living alone at the Gold Coast. Next came Sam who will be 6 next month. Both are affectionate, funny, crazy, high maintenance, patient with our 3 year old and very special. 

Bulldogs have a lifespan of 10 yrs, while cavaliers have a 16 year lifespan. Sam has breathing trouble, cherry eye and allergies. Cloe has bad teeth because she wont eat bones, has had 2 recent bouts of pancreatitis, allergies and recently developed breathing difficulties and heart murmur. They spend most of the day sleeping, snoring loudly, begging for food or pats. They cant really be walked much these days because of their breathing. When it gets hot they have to be monitored and cooled to avoid overheating. Even just a trip to the vet is hard for them. On kindy days, we hang out all day together while i read and drink tea. 

When i became pregnant both times, i stressed alot about being able to give all my kids enough love. Im an extremely loving caring person, so i dont know why i worry about it. Its always been so important to me that everyone in a situation feels included, valued and never forgotten about because ive often felt like that in my life. I cant understand people who get rid of pets because they have kids. I honestly think some people would love to do the same with their kids. Cloe came from a lovely family who bred their two adult dogs. Sam cam from registered breeders who kept multiple adult dogs in disgusting conditions. This all happened before i learnt about that side of animal welfare etc.

I had always desperately wanted a dog as a kid but was only ever allowed birds, fish, guinea pigs and mice. My mice Albert and Gilbert were pretty special. Dad built them a mouse mansion and i regularly took them to school for show and tell. My parents even paid to have risky surgery performed on them to remove tumours. I finally got Toby while working at a kindy, while dad was away on a hunting trip. Ive always wanted a rabbit too but unfortunately they are banned from queensland. After having 2 high maintenance dogs and now kids, ive decided to only foster dogs in future. Its much less hastle i think and it makes a difference to their lives. 

When Toby passed away, mum was too afraid to tell me for 3 days afterwards and by then, the vets had disposed of her body. This time around, i already have lots of ideas for when the time comes. These days you can get your loved ones ashes put into jewelery, used to grow a tree and lots of other ideas. 

Its funny because both Toby and Cloe were kind of rejects from their packs. Toby couldnt go to the pet shop because of a bent tail. Cloe was the last puppy her mum was to have and i had to wait longer to pick her up from them. She had an immune 
disorder and all her snout hair fell out. That turned out to be lucky because i had trouble coming up with the payment to buy her. Ive always had a thing for the underdog though. Probably because ive always seen myself as one. I think its also the reason ive always chosen less that great partners. 

For Cloes birthday today, i sang happy birthday and she got a strawberry, ham and a cupcake. Happy Birthday Cloe. Thanks for being my best friend. Love from your Mummy. 
It was Sams 6th birthday today so she got a cupcake and happy birthday too. Sammy is also my best bud. Love you puumba. 

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