Sunday, 7 September 2014

My Dogs World

Pants-face wiper.
Toilet paper-tasty snack.
Electrical cord-scary snake.
Lips-place for storing food for later.
Rain-dog melter/bullets.
Vet-hell on earth.
Back door-human waker upper (scratching to go out and pee at night)
Plastic bag-noisy
Hand-bum scratcher
Dirt-house decorator
Vacuum-scary crumb stealer
Dad-get outside police
Mum-party time
Child-wrestling toy
Back yard-giant toilet
Where you were just sitting-warm, free seat
Humans leg/foot-chin rest
Trampoline-bulldog jumpy castle
Couch-tasty licking stone

Comment below about your pets quirks


  1. My dog loves walkies, but is scared of his lead... until it is on him that is! He also is afraid of bottles of any kind.

  2. Aw thats so cute. My dogs cant be walked much so when i bring out their leads, they almost wet themselves. They get so excited, theyre puffed before we even start. Lol. Mostly we are just going to the vet anyway. Poor things. Lol. At least cloe loves the vets.