Thursday, 18 September 2014

Secret Animal Business

Secret Animal Business

Ive been following Billies work for quite a while now and i finally ordered and read her book recently. I couldnt put it down. Everything Billie believes in and does really resonates with me and this book was no different. I was actually quite dumbfounded as to the amount of similarities between her and I. The following are the main points. 

Stones, trees, animals, water, wood, etc all have wisdom and can communicate with us. 

Speak to your animals about everything. They do understand you but they dont always feel like doing what you want. 

Nature can communicate through pictures, feelings, insight, words, etc. 

Read or sing to nature. 

Play guessing games to strengthen your telepathy. 

Go with the first thing that comes to you. 

Ask permission and be thankful before communicating, picking up anything in nature, etc. 

Everything is alive and has consciousness. 

Our animal companions mirror our state of being. 

Communicating with Nature:
Relax with closed eyes. 
Sync your breathing with theirs. 
Visualise the animal or say its name. 
Ask permission to speak to them. 
If permission is granted, ask a question. 
Focus on how their different body parts feel. 
Pretend to see their aura and see it merging with yours. 
Thank them. 
Write down everything. 

Use quartz crystal to help with communication. 

Use a pendulum for yes/no answers. 

Ask "pests" to please leave your house instead of killing them. 

If an animal crosses your path, ask them if they have a message for you. 

Animals are here to help us become enlightened. 

Challenges in life are spiritual tests. You create life situations with your thoughts. 

Pets do things like barking or soiling inside, to communicate something with us. They dont do things just to be annoying etc. 

Instead of forcing animals to do things, honour what they are trying to tell you. 

Lost animals may have left to get more attention, may not want to live with that person anymore, may be trying to teach a lesson, etc. 

Most animals need a companion.

All canned and packet food is full of too much grains, cereal, horses, euthanised animals, diseased animals and byproduct. That goes for vet endorsed expensive brands too. The best food is raw fresh food and supplements, homemade food or vegetarian commercial pet foods. 

There are often emotional causes of illness. 

Pray for sick animals etc. 

Try to use natural alternatives whenever possible. 

Animals prefer to die peacefully and naturally. Ask for last requests. Give permission for them to leave. 
Do your personal healing work by NLP, shamanic healing, hypnosis, EFT, etc. 

Forgive others and yourself. Drink lots of water. Create no more karma. Eat a raw vegan liquid diet. 

Live mindfully by being aware, considerate, live with integrity, be deliberate in your actions, etc. 

Raise your vibration:
Do things that you love, be authentic, show reverence, give back to others, live in the moment, take care of yourself, value simplicity, be healthy, avoid tv, make a difference, get involved, express yourself, meditate, etc. 

There are no accidents or coincidences. 

Envision a perfect world. 

Animals sacrifice themselves in order to open our heart chakras. Things like beached whales pull at our heartstrings. 

Every animal is a complex being with emotions, past lives and wisdom.

Animals help us heal through touch, companionship, mirroring our diseases, getting us outside, etc. 

If we dont listen to the messages from nature, the messages get stronger until we get hit by the Mack trucks of illness, accidents, income failure or death. 

If we dont start listening to the voice of the earth, we face oblivion. Our freeloading ride is at an end. 

Comment below about your secret animal business experiences.

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