Wednesday, 17 September 2014


5 Steps to Dealing with Tantrums:
Take charge
Organise feelings
Set boundaries
Offer comfort
Offer alternative ideas

Take charge before things escalate. 
Remind child about the boundary being crossed. 
Give a cuddle. 
Name their feeling and why they feel that way. Empathise. 

For Example:
Brooklyn wanted to drive home from kindy but id already walked to pick her up. 
I said to her, 'Its disappointing when you want to drive home but mummy bought the pram hey. But if you dont tell me in the morning that you want me to drive you home, then i dont know that i need to bring the car. So we need to walk home today but how about if you give your teddy a ride home in the pram?'

It doesnt always work because it depends on how cooperative the child is feeling i guess but it can help them to feel understood. 

Shes quite the little artist like her dad. Shes only just turned 3.
Our rhinos

Letter C
Our letter B's
Letters M and O
Tracing mummys foot

Comment below about your tantrum strategies. 

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