Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Velcro Girl (chapter 2)

7am: Peed my bed
7.30am: Mum did chores while i made mess
8.25: took my big horse ornament in the car with me
8.30: made mum stop the car and get me a pillow for my head
8.45: refused to walk. mum carried me
8.50: had a tantrum about lollies
9: ignored everyone who talked to me and told me i was gorgeous and lovely and gave me free doughnuts
9.45: layed in the middle of the chemist then stood on the dog food and squished it
10: ate ice cream and had a merry go round ride
10.15: had a tantrum because mum wouldnt win me a toy in the claw game
10.20: continued tantrum during entire grocery shopping
10.30: made mum push trolley and carry me
10.35: had tantrum because mum wouldnt buy me water bombs
10.45: made mum buy me lots of stickers
11: had tantrum because mum wouldnt buy me cupcakes
11.15: refused to get out of car while mum unpacked groceries 
11.30: cooked with mum and made a huge mess because i refused to listen or wait
11.40: said sorry to mummy (did this multiple times today, right before reoffending.)
11.45: nagged mum while she cleaned the house
1pm: daddy phoned to check if mummy had made his appointments
1.30pm: nagged mum while she talked to the nurse
2pm: had tantrum-mum wouldnt let me take a toy home from the waiting room
2.05pm: made mum buy me two almost identical toys 
2.30pm: got home. nagged mum to play with me all afternoon. made big mess
3.55: had tantrum because i wouldnt let dad help me, only mum
4pm: daddy asked mummy whats wrong. mummy said, 'do you really have to ask'
4.30pm: nagged mummy to swing me even though she asked me to please wait a minute. Yelled at mummy and got time out in the bathroom. Continued to nag and call out to mummy anyway. Im hoping that i will succeed in my mission to drive mummy to over-drink regularly as soon as she can, just like before she got pregnant. Mwah ha ha haaaa!
4.45: made mummy jump on the trampoline with me. It was hilarious watching her pregnant tummy bounce around
5.25: daddy phoned to check if mummy had made tea yet
5.30: watched a movie while mummy made dinner and had her 2 minute shower
6pm: daddy got home and started swearing about not being able to find the margarine and 3 dishes in the sink. mummy went into the bedroom and put dads headphones on. Daddy went in and asked her why she was cranky and took his headphones back.
6.15pm: fell asleep nude because i refused to put my pj's on like i do every night. Hee hee.

Ok so from reading this, it would sound like i give into her too much. I try to only give in 1/2 the time but if i never gave in, my entire day would be even fuller with tantrums than it is already. I try to reason with her, compromise, give choices, pre warn her, time out, explain, etc but nothing works. Its hard to time out at the shops because as you can see, id be doing it constantly. It doesnt teach her anything anyway. Obviously i also have a lovely helpful hubby who makes the end of my day complete (i think not.) Once Brooklyn fell asleep, i sat feeling guilty about getting cranky at her and hubby today. I think the best solution from now on will be .......... shopping alone.

Its no wonder im dreading baby number two or the fact that i need 3 days of kindy per week. I love my family but some days they make my life very difficult.

Comment below about your parenting struggles or solutions. 

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