Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Favourite Kids Books

We all had our favourite books as kids. They were the ones we drove our parents mad with by making them read them to us over and over again. They were the ones with pages falling out, dog eared corners and faded covers. Im very lucky because my mum kept alot of our stuff so that our kids could enjoy it someday. So now i get to enjoy them all over again with my daughter. Brooklyn also has her own favourites though and it makes me wonder, what makes a book a classic? 

Im always amazed by some of the books that make it onto top ten lists and have those award stickers on the front. Then of course theres always those classics that endure for generations like The Hungry Caterpillar, etc. 

Are you my Mother
I absolutely loved this book and i think it probably had alot to do with the voices my mum put on for each of the characters. I still remember them now when i read it. 

Both Brooklyn and i love this book. I think its because its full of animals and the sentences are rhythmic, which are two of our passions. 

I loved this book because of the rhythmic sentences and the peep through pages. 

Brooklyn and i both loved this book. I used this when she was young, to signal the end to our day and  the end of reading each night. 

This one is a favourite of Brooklyns because shes obsessed with horses. It introduces each horse by name and personality, which i always like too. 

This book appealed to me because of the animals and the mystery at the end to solve. 

I bought this for Brooklyn for Christmas one year. Its a pop up book and i think she also likes that it reminds her that shes loved. We always hug during one part of the story. 

I loved this book because it was about animals being rescued, which is a big passion of mine now days too. 

Brooklyn almost drove us mad with this one, at the height of her love for books as a toddler. We were made to read it about 5 or more times in a row, multiple times a day. 

This book is colourful and full of animals but i think Brooklyn likes it because it has ribbons on each page that gradually make up the rainbow at the end. 

So as you can see fom these, a classic for my daughter and i consists of animals, gimmicks like the peep holes etc, rhythm, repetition and maybe just a touch of mystery and love. The hungry caterpillar certainly meets alot of the same criteria. So maybe those are the secrets to a classic. What do you think? 

Comment below with you or your childrens favourite books. 

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