Friday, 10 October 2014

Manifesting & Life Themes

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We all have our life themes that we have to work through while we are here on this journey. It shows up in our life as those annoying issues we just cant seem to overcome, like our weight, our finances, relationships, worthiness, etc. 

People who are exploring a body theme, might gain and lose weight several times throughout their life time as they work through the limiting beliefs they picked up as part of their starting point.
Now, let’s say that you learn to do some inner work and start to release your resistance around your body issues. You’re still exploring the issue, but you move out of the resistant stage and into an allowing stage. Then everything in your reality, including your physical body, begins to mirror that back to you.
The stuff you can’t manifest in this lifetime will never even show up on your radar – you won’t even have a thought about it. You do, however, have to remember that when we’re talking about manifesting what you want, we’re referring to what you truly want, not what you think you want. 

My biggest issue would probably be something like worthiness, which manifests in my relationships, my appearance, following my passions, depression, anxiety and my self esteem. It basically covers all my life areas that bother me most. Low self esteem has been with me since i was a young child, whereas all the other issues have shown up as a result of the original issue.

So basically, until you drop your resistance of an issue, it will stick around trying to teach you what you came here to learn about it. Once you can live with the issue from a place of empowerment, the negative issue will be replaced by the positive side of it instead. Thus you will then have what it is you really want, which may not be what you think you want, such as a fancy new car. Although, you can have that too, if you have no resistance to it. Once youve acheived the positive side of the issue, you have experienced the life issue as a whole concept.

Comment below about your life theme. 

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