Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Motherhood Musings

Brooklyn got upset at me over nothing. She went to her room and was sitting with her giant giraffe. She had his neck wrapped around her neck and was telling him about her bad day. She was still upset. I felt like the worst person in the world. So i went in and apologised and cuddled her and told her i loved her. No wonder i cant discipline this kid. She knows how to break my heart.

I tried to dress Brooklyn but she said, "Im too busy playing with my horses. Please leave me alone." Woo hoo. Lol

Theyre not soosin. Sooss. Gosh!

Whys your face like that? You can smile sometimes.

Brooklyn and i went to the library and shopping. She waved to everyone and said hi whats your name. As we were leaving the library, she saw the group time lady. She ran over to her, said bye and gave her a hug and kiss.

Brooklyn had a toy and another girl pointed to it. Brooklyn got cranky and walked off. She thought the girl would take it. I explained to her that the girl was just looking and she should tell the girl about her toy. She ran back over and told the girl all about her toy. It was so nice to see because she usually wont be nice to other kids.

I had to play with her for 8 hrs straight when she was home from kindy the other day. If you dont play with her, she hurts you, nags you, screams and yells, pouts, etc. I send her to her room and then we have a talk and she appologises. However, she then goes right back to her agenda again. She just doesnt seem to get it. Maybe i will try setting a timer or something. Or i could lock myself in my room for a bit. Lol

I feel terrible when i see the sadness on my daughters face when i drop her at kindy because i know exactly how that feels. I know that i have to take time for myself though, so i can be a better mummy.

I wish my mum was still here so i could find out more about what i was like as a child.

Bear wee scare wee-very scary

Its great that you sleep through the night now but soon the baby will keep me awake all night. Well maybe you shouldnt have another baby then. Well that was the plan but this baby had other ideas. She wanted to be part of our family so much that she made sure we had her.


  1. I'll bet she's going to love having a little playmate. That sounds like a really good way to explain to her how to interact with other kids (even if she isn't so sure about sharing her things) She's so cute!

  2. She is cute but very frustrating too.