Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Countdown to Baby

New blue n purple sand. 
Only 2.5 weeks to go but i have a feeling this baby will be coming pretty soon. Ive been trying to get organised before it happens so i can be almost worry free and focus on the new bub. The xmas gifts are all wrapped, Brooklyns all booked in for new kindy next year, the internet shoppings set up, swimming lessons and kindy are almost over, my bags all packed and Simons To Do list is written out. Lol. One of the last things on my list, was to take Brooklyn to the dentist because shes been complaining of sore teeth. The diagnosis wasnt good. She has holes in all her molars, probably from all the pear juice she needs to keep her regular. She has to have fillings in a couple of weeks. Im not sure how she will go with a drill in her mouth but she was an angel today. Shes never been to the dentist before but she sat on the chair by herself, held still and let them dry her teeth with the air gun and paint foul tasting paint on them. They were amazed at how good she was. I wasnt sure how she would go, especially since the dentist was a male with a goatee. You just never know with her. You get screaming at kindy, crying or uncooperative behaviour at swimming every week and perfection at the dentist. Random. I was so proud of her. 

Comment below about your kids reactions to different situations. 

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