Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Life Through Big Blue Eyes

Mum-if you dont go to your last day of kindy today, we wont be able to go to the xmas party this weekend and see santa, get a present and eat yummy food.
Brooklyn-ok i wont go because i will miss you too much.

I wake up some mornings to her beautiful singing to herself that i can hear over the monitor.

Can i have a look at what ice block i want at the ice block sanctuary mum?

Could you please pick up that bit of ice block off the floor bub?
B-so its not lonely?
M-yep thats exactly why.

Youre very very precious mummy.

Food-cheese and pasta/vegies
Person-mummy/anyone who wont let her have her way
Tv show-playschool
Movie-crystal empire
Outing-grays house
Game-acting out movie scenes
Song-all the pretty little ponies
Outfit-frozen dress
Outdoor activity-bush carry
Collection-rocks and soap

Star sign-leo, rabbit
Fears-loud noises, being without mum, water on head or face
Skills-drawing, singing, telling stories, talking, remembering things, balancing, being a horse, being social, empathy, cutting, screaming.
Nickname-gorgeous george because she was such a pretty baby

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Mummy elephant with baby in tummy.
3 yrs, 4 months old. 

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