Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Best Formula Award

Yesterday i hobbled around the shops looking for a different formula to try, to help with the colic. I found one brand called novalac, which im yet to try out. I also grabbed a tin of old faithful, otherwise known as karicare aptamil ha+. Its also only sold at 2 chemists in the bay, who usually only have one tin at a time, so if someone else has been before you, then youre out of luck for that week or so.

We tried other ha+ formulas but some slight ingredient difference in them compared to old faithful, affected the outcome. The ha+ stands for hydrolised milk protein, which means its already been broken down for the babys tummy. When brooklyn was on formula, it was the only thing that kept her bowels working but unfortunately, once we moved to solids, we had and still have the same problem again.

The chemists are more helpful than the doctors, who just say its normal. Im sorry but screaming, bleeding, holding it in, not being able to push it out because its so big (sorry for the visual imagery,) and having to drink tons of pear juice everyday, is just not normal to me.

These days we pretty much rely on the pear juice, which has now created holes in her teeth. Yesterday was particularly victorious because we actually coached her into relaxing enough to let it out normally for the second time in a row, albeit on the floor. One issue at a time, ok? Lol. So anyway, i tried it out on willow and the colics stopped i think. Fingers crossed. It may have worked for brooklyn too but it took so long to try all the formulas, that she was over the colic by then so we had already endured it.

Other products i love are Gaia baby body products, which dont cause an imbalance in the ph of the nether regions. Lol. Another ongoing issue brooklyn has had. I also prefer Naty wipes and nappies because theyre eco friendly etc.

Thanks to everyone who has been telling me how much they enjoy my blog. The reasons i write this blog is partly to inform others and partly as an outlet for my thoughts, feelings, etc. Its so encouraging to know that others are enjoying it.

UPDATE: both girls actually had reflux, we have just realised. So willow is now on the thicker AR formula, which has helped with the vomiting. Its so thick that we had to poke slightly bigger holes in a number four teat. She started pooping like ten times a day, which we werent used to after having Brooklyn, as she was always constipated. But the last two days, willows been very windy and uncomfortable and hasnt being pooping much. Im hoping its not constipation now. The thicker formula has also made her constantly fall asleep during feeds, which has made the night feeds harder. I have the health nurse visiting tomorrow, so we will see what her advice is.

UPDATE2: we decided to put willow back on the HA as she had become badly constipated on the AR. Shes now 7 weeks old and is still very pukey but a bit less windy now, so i think we will stick with the HA for now. We sure do go through alot of spew cloths though.

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