Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Happy Snaps

Brooklyn said she wants to call willow, baa baa black sheep or baby jesus.
"I think i dont want to get in love with a prince now because i just want to stay with the baby forever. 
She put her hands on her bum and said, "Oh feel those cold bum cheeks."
Oh no the babys crackin it off. (Cracking up). 
I will put my dogs here to guard Willow so nobody steals her."
Brooklyn had to have her first filling at the dentist and she was perfectly behaved.
The usb sticks in my abc player (dvd player)
"Jack and jill went up the hill. peter and jill went up the hill, to fetch a pail of water." Brooklyn decided to change the words so they were about her elderly friends who live next door.
Please dont hasstle me mum, im trying to finger paint.
She sings all the time. 
Brooklyn said her first, 'i hate willow,' because i needed to feed willow and couldnt give brooklyn a standing up cuddle when she hurt herself. 
I love mum, dad, willow and i love myself. Do you love yourself mum? Not really bub. Why mum? Im just a bit silly darling. 
Ok thats enough hugs brooklyn, my arms gonna fall off. 
It wont mum. Its attached to your bones and your skin. 
No worries my beautiful mummy. 
She found her shaddow on the wall and gave it a hi 5. 
I really love hugs mum. 

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