Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Love Languages


Words for me
Words/Service/Touch from me

Gifts for him
Service/Gifts from him

Words/Service/Touch/Time from her
Touch/Time for her

Simon and i are completely mismatched here. However, i dont really get gifts from him anymore anyway. I do get some service still at least but its not my love language so although I appreciate it, it doesn't create huge feelings of love for me.

Brooklyn and i are a match but not her and simon, which is probably why she's more attached to me. Also, although its not one of my love languages, i do try to give her my time because i know it's important to her. It's amazing how in touch you can be with your kids but not your spouse.


Repent/ restitution for me
Repent/ restitution/express regret/request forgiveness from me

Make restitution/express regret/accept responsibility from him
Repent for him

Make restitution for her
Restitution/regret from her

The lack of repentance towards me bothers me most. Brooklyn gets the restitution she need, which is good but she gets so mad that it can be hard to communicate that to her. Simon is mad alot of the time because he expects repentance before it ever happens in the first place. Nothing else satisfies him once he is annoyed by something someones done. He expects no one to annoy him but everything annoys him. He also expects what he himself doesnt give.

By knowing our own languages, we can inform others as to how to relate to us best.
By knowing others languages, we can be informed as to how best to relate to them.

Comment below about your families love languages.

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