Friday, 26 December 2014

My Crazy Mate Al. K. Hol

Al. K. Hol and i first met when i was about 15. We were introduced to each other by my best friend at the time. It was love at first sight. He brought out a different side of me that was confident and a risk taker. Al convinced me to do alot of things that I normally would never have dreamed of doing, like walking alone at night, hanging around undesirables and compromising my morals. We had lots of adventures together and met lots of different people. We made friends and lost friends. We saw and did alot of  things i wish we hadnt ever had to see or do.

Al was always leaving me broke, leading me on, getting my hopes up, then leaving me broken hearted, depressed and alone. But i was so love struck that I couldn't see how fast my life was spiralling downward, like a kite falling from the sky. I gave him the best years of my life, instead of using them to follow my purpose in life. I became so dependent on Al, that i had to be with him every night and all weekend. Nothing seemed fun anymore, without him with me. I tried so many times to break it off with him but he always managed to suck me back in with his promises of fun and freedom.

When i had my second child, i knew i had to end it. I had been fine without him for the past ten months. I didnt need him anymore to be happy. It was hard to say goodbye but it was for the best. It was time to let go of the past, grow up and be everything i was born to be.

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