Monday, 22 December 2014

New Years Resolutions

1-Be the best version of myself everyday.

2-Regularly go horseriding.

3-Start studying for my dream job (animal communication etc)

4-Visit the hypnotherapist who helped simon quit smoking, for help with weight loss, depression and self esteem.

5-Do daily study toward spiritual enlightenment.

1-start horseriding lessons
2-avoid going to kindy
3-eat everyones cheese

1-ride my motorbike more
2-play xbox more (play with his kids more)
3-get a raise

1-learn to roll, crawl, sit up, stand and walk
3-eat real food

1-sneak inside more
2-take my heart tablets more often so i can stick around for longer
3-eat more pebbles

1-practice jumping higher so i can see over the neighbours fence when brooklyn goes over to visit
2-avoid the vet somehow
3-practice jumping higher so i can have a go on the trampoline whenever i like

Comment below with your resolutions

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