Thursday, 18 December 2014

Our Story

Simon and i went to all the same schools but im not sure if we were ever in the same classes. In year 5 or 6, my best friend and him 'went out with each other,' which was what we called it when you were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was right at the time that i liked him but he tended to go out with the popular nasty girls, whereas i usually got asked out by the bad boys for some reason. I was a a typical good girl. I was sad when i found out but never told her that i liked him. One day we were in the girls toilets and she somehow convinced me to graffiti the toilet door with permanent marker. She wrote NM 4 SN in a heart so i wrote his whole name in a heart. She asked me why and i said i wrote it for her. 

In highschool, neither of us were popular but i still managed to 'date' regularly. He became an angry bad boy teen and i wasnt such a good girl anymore, thanks to being corrupted by a new best friend. He spent his time riding motorbikes and listening to heavy metal. I spent my time partying and having sleepovers. As we got older, not much changed. Both of us got more involved with less than ideal people, drinking, smoking, drugs, promiscuity, vandalism and other risky behaviours. 

Then when we were about 26, we both happened to be at the same pub, early on a weekend. He was on his brothers bucks night. I was avoiding the latest disappointment id met. At first i found them annoying and unattractive but eventually i gave in and danced with him. We ended up going to his place (as was my typical style,) and he dropped me home in the morning. He rang his sister in law, who we also went to school with, and searched old photos, to find out my name. He rang me about an hour after dropping me home and asked me on my first ever date. I still wasnt sure if i was attracted to him enough but i soon fell for him. 

It wasnt long before we were pretty much living at his house and then moving into our own place together. After a previous abusive 5 year relationship and a few years of desperate searching, id finally found the one. Before moving in together, we had an amazing week long airlie beach holiday together and his brothers wedding to go to. However, things soon went downhill once we were actually living together, mostly because of our drinking, my neediness vs his aloofness and my jelousy. 

We moved back in with his dad, which was a bit of a strain. During that time, we got married, my mum and grandmother died, he started an apprenticeship and i got pregnant. We moved into our own place just before the birth. Our drinking was still putting alot of strain on our relationship and the distance between us had grown wider. $ had also become an issue due to me not working anymore. 

Our new baby proved to be even more of a strain on our relationship over the next 3 years. We separated for a month and then i found out i was pregnant again. Simon finally quit smoking and finished his apprenticeship but we were still no better off with $. Finally baby Willow was born and things started to look up for our little family. Simon has so far been a devoted dad to her but im still trying to get him to treat poor Brooklyn more nicely. 

Our plans for the future include moving somewhere we like more, getting better jobs, getting fit, travelling overseas, etc. So there you have it, our story. And they all lived happily ever after. The end. Lol. 

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