Saturday, 27 December 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Song-you'll be in my hearrrrt.
Brooklyn-my family will always be in my heart mum.

Willow was asleep. Simon blew his nose and willow woke with a huge fright and started crying loudly.

My eyes look like a big wildebeest. 

When brooklyn was 2, she saw a dead tree and hugged it because it had died. 

It was storming heavily so brooklyn was worried about the dogs getting hit by lightning. She was fighting with her dad about letting them inside. She kept getting her stool to reach the lock so she could open the door. 

Brooklyn has always gone through stages of being obsessed with different things. First it was books, then trees, then running games, then horses, then cutting, now its acting out princess books. 

Amy-there. Now im all nice and clean
Brooklyn-but u still smell
Amy-thats not very nice
Brooklyn-but you do.

Brooklyn wanted to swap pets with our neighbours just for one night because they have a cat and we have dogs. Then she saw the litter box and said, "she hasnt eaten her food."

Whispering-daddy, i made a wish. Its a pegasus.

Stargazing with aunty karen. 

She did this right when the guests were

Best shirt ever!

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