Friday, 5 December 2014

Our Family

Dad, brooklyn, willow, mum, cloe, sam. 

Im alredy amazed at how different my two girls are. Summer and winter, easy and hard pregnancies, small and big babies, named after a tough city compared to a soft gentle tree name, 3 months to conceive compared to one night, gained 3 kg and 6 kg, arrived 2 wks early compared to only having a week to go until the due date. Other differences im hoping for are long labour vs short, health problems vs healthy, moody vs mellow, clingy vs independent, night owl vs early bird. Similarities im hoping for are, intelligence, beauty, loving, confident, friendly, etc. I cant wait to discover more differences or similarities between them. I find it so interesting.

Little miss bossy, miss helpful, miss chatterbox, miss greedy, miss star, miss busy, miss contrary, miss stubborn, miss curious.
Mr nosey, mr messy, mr funny, mr fussy, mr bounce, mr busy, mr mischief.
Funshine, lovealot care bears
Patty o green colour kid
Pinkie, rainbow, apple jack ponies
Rainbow colour
Maggi or bart simpsons
Phoebe from friends

Little miss neat, miss helpful, miss shy, miss curious.
Mr worry, mr quiet, mr fussy, mr daydream.
Fawn fairy
Bedtime, share, secret, tenderheart, gentleheart, loyal heart  care bears.
Shy violet colour kid
Fluttershy, luna, twilight sparkle ponies
Blue colour
Marge or lisa simpson
Monica from friends

Little miss neat, miss greedy, miss contrary, miss brainy.
Mr fussy, mr greedy, mr sneeze, mr tall, mr skinny, mr grumble, mr cool, mr rude.
Vidia fairy
Grumpy care bear
Red butler colour kid
Rainbow, luna ponies
Black colour
Homer or bart simpson
Joey from friends

3 Wishes:
Peace on earth for everyone
For everyone to live their lives from love
For everyone to follow their heart

Last night i had a dream that i would die at the age of 63, which was scary because mum died at 53. 

Brooklyn was born 1 week and 5 days early, which would be yesterday for Willow. I had expected her to have arrived already because second babies are usually even earlier. 

Hopes for Willow:
Good sleeper
As beautiful, confident and smart as brooklyn 

Comment below with your family characters.