Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Blue Gray Life

I excitedly made an announcement to my family the other day. What was the announcement? I had finally managed to use superglue without getting any on me! Lol

I was trying to do brooklyns hair and got mad at her because she wouldnt face the way i needed her to. She ended up crying and i always feel bad when i get cranky at her. I asked her why she wouldnt face where i said to because she wanted her hair done in the first place. She explained to me that she didnt want to look into the darkness. My heart broke even more as i realised what id done. I appologised and explained that adults dont listen to kids as much as they should sometimes. It was a good lesson for me. 

Brooklyn 3.5- im going to get a man to build me a castle
Amy-where will you get the $ to pay for it
B-from all the people
Amy-what people
B-the ones who live in all the houses (in the kingdoms village)
A-why would they give you their $
B-because i will be a princess

Daddy can u please show me god up there?
I cant see his head up there in the sky. 
I will just use my eagle eyes to spot him. 

When will i be a princess? Because ive been waiting for a long time already. -brooklyn 3.5

I think ugliness must be one of my life themes to overcome because ive always had a major issue with not liking the way i look. I was told i was a goddess in a past life and sometimes i wonder if part of me remembers that and is wondering what the deal is this time round. Lol. I seriously have an unhealthy obsession with it. Although i am prone to ocd anyway. So it could just be that i guess. 

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