Sunday, 8 March 2015

Crow and Praying Mantis

The other morning i woke to a murder of crows, cawing loudly. They sounded agitated so i rushed outside to see what was going on but they were flying away. Then i saw three praying mantises in two days. I decided that these had to be animal messengers so i took to the internet.

Lately ive been going from hi to low, emotionally. Ive been leaving alot of old habits behind, discovering new truths, questioning everything and feeling overwhelmed, while being pulled in every direction. My 33rd birthday will be here soon and i feel like maybe its a turning point in my life, spiritually.

I found out that the crow symbolises a shapeshifting (weight loss?), a need to raise your vibration for more abundance, awakening your authentic self, releasing everything holding you back, positive changes coming.

Praying mantis symbolises a need for stillness and silence. A need to meditate. Both of these are so relevant for me right now. Its confirmation for me that im on the right path but i need to stay strong and keep my faith that things will get better. That meditation is the right action for me to take.

I love animal messengers because they are the things i notice most throughout my days. I just need to learn to trust the messages they deliver.

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