Tuesday, 21 April 2015

April 2015

Last night i was listening on my headphones to Ave maria and reading a self help book while simon watches a Cop Show beside me. So weird but opposites attract i guess. 

Sometimes i wonder whether weird random phobias come from past lives or some random forgotten childhood moment. I hate touching the poop, bath and beach under water. I have a major dislike for buttons. 

Brooklyn hates water on her head and used to hate lions on tv. Shes a leo and her name means river. Some people probably think its silly but i love making interesting connections like that. 

Willow has started to crawl at the back but not the front. Lol. Shes only 4.5 months old. She didnt like her first taste of rice cereal today. She has been teething for 2.5 months now but still only has a tiny molar bump.

SoulUrge Number: 3
Deep inner desire to create and express themselves, often in public speaking, acting, writing or singing.

SoulUrge Number: 6
People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated.
Expression Number: 22
Powerful force to all whose lives they touch. They are capable, charismatic leaders who often undertake large endeavors with great success. They value truth, justice, and discipline, and may be quick-tempered with those who do not. If they fail to develop their potential, they may become impractical and rigid.

SoulUrge Number: 11
Deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.
Expression Number: 7
They tend to be teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

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