Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Awesome Story Idea

I had this idea for a tv series or something.
Kids from across the globe. Kind of like the planeteers but little kids. They fight bad guys like zoos, circuses, all those issues that kids arent made aware of. They each have a colour, a gemstone, a power, a shaddow side, etc.

Their names could correspond to their gems like ruby, jade, etc. they could each have a power animal to call on for help or to take on their abilities. Crystal, indigo, etc kids that combine to form the rainbow warriors from the actual true legends of peru. The earthkeepers. They could each have a key maybe.

I have heaps of ideas that just keep coming out, the more i think about the concept. 8 characters for infinity? All animal groups included, etc. Just try to fit as many themes in as possible like quiet people have value too, spiders arent just gross pests, etc.

All the elements covered too. All parts of nature covered.
Crystal communicates with stones. Jade communicates with water, willow communicates with plants, stars, animals, weather, etc.
Scotland, peru, Australia of course, canada, etc.
Unicorn, eagle, snake, jaguar, hummingbird, elephant, dolphin, spider.

Their shaddows could be selfishness, trying to fit in, jelousy, self hatred, no self control, laziness, etc.
Ten Commandments, 7 deadly sins, etc. things from all different religions.
All the 7s in nature like rainbow colours, natural wonders, patterns, continents, gods, music scale,
heavenly bodies, etc.

Each have talents like singing, archery, healing, teleportation, shape shifting, etc.
Each has a symbol headpiece that they power up with closed eyes telepathically and sometimes work together. They show everyone the way to live peacefully and in harmony with the earth.
I could go on forever. They could each work somewhere related to their power etc.

They could each be a type of empath-animal,machines,plants,ppl,etc. they could all come from the land of LOA and are trying to get back there and trying to make earth like their home and get ppl to live from love so earth can be a second land of LOA.

7-spiritual perfection, my fave, Brooklyn and willows bdays.

Song healing etc.
Two could each take different roads to get to LOA. their vibration causes the experiences along the way. High or low

Heartsong bear. Forest friend bear.

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