Saturday, 18 April 2015


I've decided that from now on, i will use this blog for personal use like journal entries, random thought, interesting bits i research, etc. Feel free to keep reading my posts, its just that i want to enjoy writing more by making my writing less formal and more for myself.

I guess alot of it will be similar to previous posts but it will be written more informally. At the moment i only have 2 readers anyway, who i still greatly appreciate. I may also post pictures all at once, instead of on each post. I find it a bit of a pain loading one picture just to make the post look pretty.

Anyway i hope you two still enjoy what i write. Another difference is that i wont be censoring myself as much. So if i write something that comes under the TMI category, well at least you know that i warned you. Lol. Dont worry, im sure it wont be too bad. Feel free to keep commenting too.

Willow -tree-english
Brooklyn -river-english
Amy -beloved-english/french
Cloe -green shoot, fresh bloom, demeter goddess of agriculture-greek/french/biblical
Samantha -listener, listen-hebrew
Simon -he has heard, listening, man who carried the cross for jesus-english/greek/ hebrew/biblical/ shakespearean
Toby -lord is good-hebrew, biblical, shakespearean.

Christine-greek/latin/french/English-follower of christ
Toni-English/french-beyond praise
Andrew-shakespearean/biblical/greek /scottish/english-strong, manly, brave. 

(English, Scottish, biblical, shakespearean, french, greek)

(Tree, river, love, jewel, listen, heard, god, happy, brave, strong, beyond praise.)
Pretty cool set of descriptions.

Willow-happy tree (english)
Brooklyn-river jewel (english)
Amy-beloved follower (french)
Simon-brave listener (english/scottish)

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