Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Brooky Nin, darlin, rabbit, rooster, charlie brown, bub, bubba, mate
Mummy Aim
Willy Pil, bum cheeks, chubba, sumo baby, buddy
Sammy Sam, boxhead, man bear pig
Daddy Sime
Cloe Bowie, cloe, caramel.

We need to move house asap. We have noisy roof rats again, right above Willows room. They poop in the lounge room. We clean all the time and have automatic bug spray but we still have cockroaches alot. The dogs are allergic to the gardens. The carpet in the lounge room is bad for kids who are constantly peeing and puking. The rents cheap but the ceiling in willows room is cracking and moldy. It has one fan only. The oven doesnt cook well. The back porch leaks rain.

I think its time to move on. Dont you? Now to find the bloody $ to move.
We would need bond and cleaning $ i think. I cant get another centrelink advance for a while i think, so that options out. Maybe simons dad can help like usual or a bond loan maybe?

I was hoping to move to acreage so we could get horses but i don't really care at the moment anymore. 2 horses would cost about $250/wk to keep so its too much right now. Im going to look into leasing etc too. I promised Brooklyn horse riding lessons once shes 4 and theres always susan river date nights for me and sim for now.

Simons loan is done soon so we will have an extra $100/wk but we are always behind anyway. It doesn't really matter anyway because we are always behind. Im just not as easily caged as most people or if i am, i become depressed like i am now, with my ex, my past jobs, etc. I feel just like a caged bird i think. Thats why pet birds, circuses and zoos make me feel so sad i think.

Next house requirements:
Reverse air con
No lounge carpet
No flowery trees
Horse space outside
Possible horse shelter
Near riding space etc.
Distance and privacy
Id love a big window seat with a curtain like a lil hidey spot or something 

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