Tuesday, 21 April 2015


1:100 betadine:water. 2x14 days. Douche. 
Oregano, goldenseal root, (echinacea purpurea) coneflower. 1 tbsp to 1 pint water. 2x14 days. douche. 
No baths, dairy, wheat, corn, additives, grog, junkfood, preservatives. 
Eat almonds, beans, leafy greens, blueberries, cherries, capsicum, oats, psyllium, grains. 
Exercise, Water, multivitamin, zinc, omega 3, probiotic, grapefruit seed extract, green tea, cats claw, milk thistle, garlic, tea tree oil, sepia. 
Pure natural iron supplement. 

I already do alot of this stuff and the rest will be useful for future reference. 
I might try to get Brooklyn to eat more of my crackers and less bread and corn thins. More shower cuddles and less baths. Alot of the rest would be hard to get her to do. 

When will you stop eating amiyals dad? Why wont you listen to us? Maybe you need a hearing aid dad. 

One day i want to write a song for each persons name in my family like the lovely willow song i found. 

How did native people who dont live near fish, get their omegas naturally? I feel that since we all come from different ancestry, who all ate extremely different things, we should eat what we are attracted to as long as its natural. Simon loves meat and a bit of veg, grain and dairy but hates seafood. Ive never liked seafood or meat but i love fruit, grains and veg and a bit of dairy. Brooklyn loves fruit and grains and a bit of dairy but hates veg, meat, seafood.

The inuit ate mostly meat. Asians eat alot of rice. I have no idea how i came from celtic and English ancestry because i cant stand meat, fish or the cold but im naturally obsessed with everything celtic otherwise, so its still in my dna somewhat. I think the same goes for everything like exercise, etc. So thats why i think its best to follow your intuition instead of the experts. 

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