Friday, 29 May 2015

Focus Areas

FML usually stands for fuck my life but from now on it stands for family, meditate, loox (as in exercise, food, etc). These are my main focus points right now. FML P -practices. 

My total list is also hobbies, purpose, whispa, healer, self esteem etc, friends, country living, travel, etc. 

Back on Track
Next week im planning on starting on losing weight again. Im hoping to lose about 12 kg. 72 to 60. I will try to weigh myself monthly, which should be a loss of about 2 kg a month. Im going to just do some sort of exercise each day and eat healthy each day. No rules etc this time. This week we have had pasta bake, tacos, chocolate, grog, ice cream, lollies, pizza, biscuits, chips, etc. Hopefully it should take about 6 - 9 months. I might try a $ loss incentive for motivation. Music and movies always help too but it doesn't last. How do u stay motivated?

Clothes i want to get:
Sleeveless hoodie
Romantic jacket/cardigan
Big boots
Bras etc
Diamond poncho

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