Thursday, 7 May 2015

Horse Research

People i Know With Horses-
Cheryls MIL
Nic Bs friend
Shannon n Gail
Lady next doors daughter
Girl up the road

40-80/wk to keep one horse yourself. 

Experienced friend/instructor help to look to buy. Vet check first. Gelding is best, healthy, experienced, 16yr old horse plus 4yr old kid equals the ideal 20. Horses live til 30. Quarter, paint, draughts are most docile. You want an alert, interested horse that doesnt react negatively to things at all. At least a 10 yr old horse. 

Consider a full or partial lease of a horse for at least six months. Leasing is an arrangement in which you pay either a fixed fee or a portion of the horse’s expenses in exchange for riding time on that horse. In the typical full lease, you take over all of the horse’s expenses and care responsibilities, and in a typical partial lease, the owner remains primarily responsible for these items.

Id love to live near bush and beach so i could ride in both easily from home. I want to be able to get on and go whenever i want. Otherwise id be more than happy for someone else to do all the work at their house for me. My ideal would be to have a ton of acreage of my own to ride on in peace. I think it's probably a good idea to do lessons of some sort while we wait to get our own horse, just to be sure, etc.

Wide bay equestrian park-
Our property of 205acres allows for agistment of  outside horses.
Agistment costs include use of;
stables, arena, jumping & sporting equipment,trails, feed & tack storage (owner must supply feed bins & feed)
We charge $3 per day, per horse.
Susan river, 30 mins from our current house. 

Lessons $20-70 for just horse care ed - for riding lesson and horse care ed. 

Purchase price $1500 minimum is best. 

Pre purchase vet exam $200. 

Dundowran Beach is the only beach in Hervey Bay that Horses are allowed to use.
It is situated on Sawmill Road. Once there, there is a grassy reserve which horse floats are allowed to use.
When you head out to the beach, you cannot use the public access point near the shelter. There is a track
to the right of the shelter in amongst the trees. Once on the beach you can only go to the right, you cannot 
go past the public access point.
Enjoy, keep an eye out for our rides. 

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