Saturday, 23 May 2015

Inner Riches Meditation Experience

Connecting to your core for vitality, courage and self-confidence
Centering thought of the day: “I trust in the process of life” (need to work on this one!)

Nostril Breathing
To start, sit comfortably with your spine long and your face relaxed. Try and smile a bit.
Place your left hand on your left knee with your palm facing upward to receive.

Take your right hand and press your thumb into your right nostril, close it, and breathe in from your left nostril. Hold the breath.

Close the left nostril with your pinky finger as you release the right nostril and exhale from your right nostril.

Now breathe in from your right nostril, hold the breath, and release your pinky from your left nostril as you close your right nostril with your thumb.

Now exhale from the left nostril.

Complete nine rounds of this alternate nostril breathing with your eyes closed.
After the last round, release your hands to your knees and take one last inhale and exhale. 
Often on the in breath of each nostril, you can breathe in positive thoughts. The out breath releases any negative thoughts or fears.

Exploring your Soul & what you want to project into the world
Centering thought of the day: “I am a creative being” (yes but need more self belief!)

I really want to be 12 kg lighter, own 2 of my own beautiful horses to ride on my own beautiful green countryside cottage grounds. I really want my husband and i to feel and act like we are in love with each other again, have two beautifully behaved daughters, have a job i love such as singing to heal animals. I really want to love and accept myself fully and feel beautiful every time i look in a mirror. I really want to feel energetic, peaceful, connected, healthy and happy. I really want to travel the world and also find my own style. I really want to talk to nature. 

The thing i want most right now is to live from an authentic, intuitive, high vibration. I chose it because sometimes i dont even know what i truly want and this apparently covers everything and is what we are all truly seeking. Its hard for me to choose just one out of weight, love, beauty, authentic, horse, cottage and sing. Whereas travel, style, peaceful, kids and healthy are secondary. Being authentic etc would hopefully change my entire life, improving everything instead of having to micro manage everything. 

Everyone in my life would be positively affected by my high vibe raising theirs etc. The planet would be affected because every high vibe helps. Id also finally get out there and contribute to the world. I plan on achieving it and therefore all other goals, by meditating regularly and trying to remember to be love, follow my intuition, etc during my day. So far, i havnt even started because im a procrastinator, which is why im doing this course to get me started hopefully. 

I will share my success with the world by having more time and $ to focus on volunteering, healing and teaching, to help as many kids and animals to have or keep a high vibration, strong faith that a better world is possible and understand the importance of meditation and love etc. i hope to achieve this through the power of song in nature. 

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