Thursday, 14 May 2015


Lace, ruffles, pleats, a line, delicate, rounded, draping. 
Braids, buns, flowers, headbands, ribbons, clips, wavy, wispy, etc. 

Sporty, bohemian, country, minimalistic. 
Tank top, jeans, sneakers. 
Pony tail. 

Natalie portman is natural romantic, deep autumn. 

Deep Autumn (eg. Kristin Kreuk)

From Left: Black brown, black, light yellow, marigold, peach, terracotta, salmon pink, tomato red, deep red, true red, dark rose, bright yellow, camel, jade, moss, lime bronze, hot turquoise, cerulean, Chinese blue, evergreen, navy, purple

  • Tops with interest above bust (eg. ruching, interesting neckline)
  • Tops with vertical details to slim and elongate torso
  • Medium long to long tops. If you are short, avoid going below knuckle length
  • Jackets and sweater that end at hip-level or below
  • Bras that keep your girl high and perky - making your torso look longer
  • Dark colored top to elongate your torso and light colored bottom

Need more romantic and boho clothes. Too many plain clothes. 
Too much blue, black, white and green. Need more purple, red, yellow, brown. 

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