Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Zoloft vs Meditation

These are the symptoms ive been experiencing for the past month. 

Mood swings

So far its been at least a month or two, since stopping my Zoloft. It can take 3 months normally, apparently. Ive always gone back on them, thinking i wasnt coping without them. Now i realise ive just gotta keep riding it out and definitely try not to drink, which is probably what got me here in the first place, along with my first relationship. 

Ive been trying to get off it for ages because it kills your sex drive, turns you into a bit of a zombie and im trying to see how my body functions without drugs. Ive stopped taking the pill ages ago too, much to simons disgust, lol. I just dont feel like i can acheive my spiritual goals if im a zombie. You cant exactly follow the subtleties of your intuition, etc, if youre numb. 

So far I haven't noticed too much depression, anxiety or ocd. If i find it hard to cope again, i plan on trying natural treatments instead. I think if everyone in the world practiced meditation, most of the worlds and individuals problems would be nonexistent. Now if i could just get started and find a way to stay awake. Maybe a retreat would be a good start. 

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