Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Day 2 Healthy Life

So last night i slept from 1am til 630am, thanx to the girls. They are literally killing me. I also couldn't take it all anymore so i took my Zoloft and this morning i feel sick from it. Im not sure whether to stick it out some more or give in and take them. Its been so long already so i dont want to waste that. I think i need to try to get out everyday coz i seem to be my worst at home. That's probably why i want to move house but i guess its not the house maybe.

I ended up having some pink milk and pasta last night but this time i plan on going easy on myself anyway. Brooklyns meant to be at kindy in half an hour and shes still asleep so not sure about that. At the moment im just barely surviving day to day. But i want to be thriving, not close to a nervous breakdown. At least i got Brooklyn to kindy fairly easily and got a whole hours sleep this morning. Todays been quite alright with her at kindy. I hate that having her at home is the reason i get so stressed and angry.

Extremely sore back from the kids probably. Although simon doesn't help enough, its better than nothing. Doing it on my own with 2 kids, is hard. It was good to have him home. Brooklyn was quite good this afternoon and tonight. I seem to get angrier when simons not here. I think maybe because he is always angry so i have to be the buffer type of person, to protect the kids. I dunno. Maybe its just more stressful on my own.

Brooklyns new word is "oh! God-ee heck!"
I feel like a defective robot rusting away
My life is like trying to crawl out of a steep muddy pit. Impossible.

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