Sunday, 7 June 2015

Self Hatred

Im reading a really good book called Diet Recovery- restoring hormonal health, metabolism, mood and your relationship with food. This is a quote from the book: "Leanness is attractive because it is more scarce. Scarcity is what gives all things value."

An article written by the author Matt Stone, also says:
"Many people allow 100 pounds, 50 pounds, or even as little as 5-10 pounds to get in the way of them doing truly great things with the gifts they’ve been given (or even go on a beach vacation) – or the desire to be more attractive occupies so much time and energy and mental racket that it prevents people from developing valuable knowledge and skills – or even being so much as a good parent, a good friend, or just enjoy a slice of pizza."

"Like a wise man once said, “don’t drink to solve your problems, solve your problems before you drink. A medical establishment that equates ‘thin’ with ‘healthy’ is the problem. There is an easy way to win the war against fat and reclaim your pleasure in eating: Just give up. Yes, give up. Stop fighting."

"In other words, to quote the movie Little Miss Sunshine“Do what you love and f#!% the rest.” If you don’t love thinking about and playing around with your diet to see how it can change how you feel and function, then stop doing it. If you don’t love checking yourself out in the mirror 47 times per day and constantly thinking about that little pouch of fat on “x” part of your body, then stop doing it."

The book has funny one liners and many other excellent points and interesting information too. Im really enjoying it and it's probably going to be my next attempt at getting "healthy." I found it by signing up to buck books. They email you every day with new $1 books. All of this is in line with my spiritual views, of letting go, doing what you love, etc. and the rest will follow. (I have trouble trusting and giving up control though).

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