Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Sh*t My Kid Says

Willow u need to stop rolling out of bed so i dont have to keep listening to that shitty crying all the time. (She can be very mean to her for no reason alot of the time. Sometimes shes nice but not often enough.) 

Thats my cry, not my singing, willow, u dummy. (She thought she had put willow to sleep.)

Whys our car going hmmm mum?
Thats the engine darlin. It vibrates through the car. 
I can feel it mum. It makes my bum laugh. 

I did a funny face to willow mum. See?
I cant look right now bud. 
Just stop the car. Just stop for a second mum. 

Gray took me for a walk and we saw a chopped down tree with possum poop on it and some native stingless bees mum. 

I was watching a show about kakadu national park. These crocs had made a long journey to the waterfall but because the tourists would want to swim there during tourist season, the rangers were moving the crocs! People are ridiculous!

Amy-There's something in my sock
Brooklyn-Maybe a mushroom

Simon-Brooklyn shut up
Brooklyn-dad when u say that it hurts my feelings so now u know ok?
Simon-ok darlin. I love u

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