Saturday, 18 July 2015

Kids and Education

We look at children and we think it’s our responsibility to somehow make them into good human beings, and we’re constantly looking for evidence that they’re becoming just that.  
You want to respect and honor them for the powerful creators that they are. You want to look at their happy shiny bright souls, who they really are inside and not so much at the situation that they’re in. You don’t want to pity these kids; you don’t want to look at them like they are disenfranchised.  They knew exactly what they were coming into and what they were doing when they were coming into these situations.  From a Soul perspective they knew what they were coming into when they were born.
That doesn’t mean that you can’t help when you’re inspired to but that’s because it’s fun for you to help and it’s also beneficial for them at the same time.  It’s like you’re playing a game together; it’s not because they really need your butt to intervene or because without you they won’t be ok.  They are still powerful creators.
Accept that the choices that they make, whilst listening to that wisdom, may not look at all like the choices you think that they should make.  Again, that’s a judgement, that’s control; you’ve got to stay away from that if you want to help kids, or if you want to help anyone, really.
That vibration that you are holding, seeing them in their power, seeing them as strong powerful creators, honoring and respecting their own guidance, that’s going to go a long way already and from that place you are going to be inspired to use certain words that will really hit home.
You can help them dream.  Again you don’t want to make that about control.  It doesn’t matter what they’re dreaming about, and it doesn’t even have to be anything realistic, as long as it evokes from them a real passionate, joyful feeling.  
Encourage them to listen to their gut. Honor them and say to them, “You know what to do, you know what you want.  What is it that you want, how do you feel about that?” Don’t tell them how they should feel or what they should think, or why that’s wrong (which is what most of society is going to do); encourage them to listen to their own guidance.
Those kids that are rebelling the most, they are the most determined to feel good.  Those are the most powerful ones amongst us.  Honor them as such and they will show you that side.  They may not show it to anyone else, but they will show it to you.
Melody Fletcher-Deliberate Receiving

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