Monday, 6 July 2015

School Holidays

Last week simon was off work all week for a break. Its never a break with kids but it was good having help. I was dreading today because he was back to work and theres not enough people to visit each day. So we stayed home today but it was surprisingly good. Brooklyn and i played together while i read my book to prevent me from dying of boredom, while willow had a 2.5 hr sleep. We all played together out in the morning sunshine before that.

Then in the arvo, brooklyn played with a neighbour kid and i fed willow and chatted to a neighbour. Before i knew it, simon was home. We spent the early morning inside and a friend of simons who has been staying with us, hung out with us. Its nice to just have some company and help. Simon phoned me twice in case we were having an affair. This guy is 50 years old. I mean please! I do have some standards still. Lol. Anyway im back on my zoloft coz im sick of taking my anger out on brooklyn.

I dont know if its just beginners high but i was feeling kind of cheerful today and was sort of happy to put up with playing with brooklyn. Willow also slept all last night for the first time in ages. If only every day and night could be that easy. Plus tonight should go well coz both girls should be tired by then. Willows gone to sleep again now but it probably wont be a long nap. Frozen meal veggie lasagne for tea for me tonight. Yum! The kids were asleep by 5 so simon and i got to have some quiet time together (on our phones lol).

Unfortunately the rest of the night wasnt so great but most of the next day was good.

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