Thursday, 23 July 2015

Unlimited Life

Ages ago i bought the unlimited abundance program by christie marie sheldon. However, up until now, i havnt bothered to actually do it. Well since its so convenient (not) right now, ive decided to do it. It cost me about $250 and it contains 27 audios which go for 30-50 minutes each. I started on tuesday and should finish today or tomorrow. 

Other people have received amazing results such as losing 20 pounds, being able to stop living off food stamps and receiving an unexpected $1500 refund from 5 years ago, etc. During a session, i received a letter telling me that i owe $3000 and i was disappointed. However, when i phoned them up, im actually owed $2000 because they had fixed the mistake. 

During the sessions on clearing your blocks to abundance, ive experienced shivers, yawning and birds around me. Other peoples signs of release have been things like headaches, tiredness and sneezing, etc. Even though i hate having so much to do, im glad that im finally making myself take some sort of action, instead of always just reading about it. 

For each session, we connect to the light and then we use the clearing statement. This can be done throughout your day too, everytime you notice a negative thought, event, etc. The abundance effects can occur anywhere from an hour up to months later. Im hopeful that things will start to change or show up for me soon. 

Last night i received two free drinks, which im not sure is actually a blessing. I also had this weird unexplainable feeling go through my head and ears last night while laying in bed. Both kids also slept through all night, which is very rare. On the other side of things, Simon was randomly mean to me but this could be from him feeling me cutting negative cords between us. Brooklyn was better behaved and less annoying than usual. 

Im not sure if any of this because of the program but i will keep updating about any further developments. 

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