Thursday, 6 August 2015

Animal Communication

Today i tried out animal communication. I patted cloe while thinking things directed at her. I asked her to give me a sign if she could hear me and she shook her head. I asked for a confirmation sign of head shaking but she licked my hand. I asked for another sign but got nothing. I guess maybe she was over it by then.

Then i started reading about animal communication, out in the sunshine. I asked sam to give me a sign if she could hear me but she didnt seem to do anything. I asked again and she changed position. So im not sure about that one but she was sleeping.

Then i looked at a photo of toby and asked if her spirit could hear me. I got an itchy ear. I started to get frustrated and feel like i sucked at this but now i review the responses i got, i guess i did ok really.

Ive decided that i really really want to learn to communicate and heal nature and animals, intuitively. There was even a part in the book about singing to nature to make it happy, which id love to do.

There is alot of info in the books ive read about how to do intuitive communication but i think since its meant to be a natural but forgotten sense, that id like to just go with it in my own natural way. I just need to practise the basic steps for firing up my intuition. I think i can figure the rest out naturally as i go.

I just saw a crow fly over as i lay down on the trampoline wondering about it all. Crow means intuition and authentic self emerging. Yay!

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