Monday, 10 August 2015

Animal Mums Book Idea

Today has been a nice day because brooklyn has been good all day. Last night i visualised a protective bubble around each of us. I was hoping this would protect her from my anger and me from her neediness. It seems to have worked.

On the weekend we saw the movie inside out. It was awesome. They had a lovely short before it called lava. It was about two volcanoes who fell in love but one was under the ocean waiting to rise someday, while she listened to the boy volcano sing up above, about waiting for love. It was so sweet. The main movie was about emotion people inside a girls head. She also had personality islands like hockey, friendship, family, honesty, goofball, imagination, etc.

The emotions were anger, joy, sadness, fear and disgust. They helped the girl create memory balls and when joy and sadness were lost, shes left with only 3 emotions which kind of makes her act like a moody teenager i guess. Then when all her islands crumble and all the emotions are turned off, she feels nothing, which is what i imagine depression to be.

If we were emotions, simon would be anger, cloe would be fear, id be sadness, willow would be joy, im not sure about sam and brooklyn, maybe sadness and joy/anger. Brooklyns islands would be rainbow unicorn island, disney princess island, family island, big ideas island. Simons would be motorbike island, metal music island, fantasy girls island and beer island. Mine would be nature island, family island, love island, song island, laughter island.

I also thought of a cool new idea for a book. A book about being a parent, from animals perspectives but thinking like we do. Sloth mum, elephant mum, tiger mum, dolphin mum, etc. So like the sloth mum doesnt care what the others think. Tiger mums competitive and looking down on the other mums. Elephant mum is told shes too soft. So like they all live together and chat and stress about parenting etc. just like theyre like us but acting like animals too.

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