Friday, 7 August 2015

Healing and Communicating

Imagine inside a cell in your heart. 
See a white light there, growing bigger until it surrounds you. 
Imagine it turning reflective blue. 

From now on, imagine it expanding with your breath when you need to use it or shrinking back inside when youre done. 

Use your intuition and hands to feel where the problem is, what it is and ask questions. 

Put up your shield
Put on your imaginary gloves
Rub your hands together
Hold your hands over the area
Send loving energy
Repeat 3,4,5 until you feel done. 
Take off your gloves
Shake your hands and wash them
Take down your shield

Sync your breathing with theirs and pat them if possible
Imagine sending love from your heart to theirs connecting
Ask permission and stay aware for a sign
Think your conversation and stay aware for replies etc
Thank them

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